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Data added

Populating this wikibase is both a test for wbstack as an experiment to create linked data on specimens of flora and fauna. Currently we focus on iNaturalist as a source of specimen data, but we explicitly do not want to limit ourselves to a single platform. iNaturalist has a convenient way for its users to select a prefered data-license which lead to many Wikimedia-ready data. The interface of downloading speciment data also makes it a convenient source of data.

Phase 1

I started with the following steps to populate this wikibase.

  1. Create a datamodel of Special:ListProperties properties
  2. Download a set of observations with a CC0 license through the download page if iNaturalist
  3. Wrote a python script to populate this Wikibase with the downloaded listing of CC0 observations
  4. Run the bot
  5. create a second bot to map the species names with the Wikidata item on the same species
  6. Run that bot.